Corey Tong

Executive / Producer – San Francisco / Hawaii

Corey Tong is a film producer, executive producer, producers rep, writer; he is also a creative consultant in public relations, festival/exhibitions/television programming/curating, sales/acquisitions, and frequently hosts and presents film programs.

Corey is a producer of Emmy-nominated film FOREVER, CHINATOWN (USA, 2016, doc; PBS/ITVS/CAAM); executive producer of Oscar®-nominated and Emmy-winning LAST DAY OF FREEDOM (USA, 2015, doc); producer of feature drama THE LAND HAS EYES (Fiji-USA, 2005; Sundance; official Oscar-submission Fiji); producer of BEYOND THE TEAM (USA, 2013, doc). Projects in development include a feature drama slated for production in Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hawaii and a drama series set in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the US.

Jean-Luc B.

Founder / CEO – France / China

Jean-Luc started his career on the stage, acting and singing in his father’s opera troupe since the age of 6. A Chinese speaker, he also practiced the art of Kunqu Opera with a master in Peking.

Jean-Luc is a film producer and an actor based in Asia for more than 10 years. He worked in France, Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, Canton, Taiwan, Singapore for commercial brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, ING…), with reputable French and Chinese filmmakers (Olivier Assayas, Pang Ho-Cheung…), as well as international TV networks (Channel 4, TV5 Monde, Bravo TV…)

David L. Suarez

Executive / Partner – Los Angeles / China

David has been working in the film industry for 13 years with leading independent production, finance, management and packaging companies – The Studio Film Group, CaptureFilm, Quantum Productions, Quantum Entertainment, and with producers, directors and writers, Claus Clausen, Alan Greenberg, Wayne Carmona, Julian Adams, Scott Reed, Mark Roemmich to name a few.

In 2009, Mr Suarez started his distribution, marketing and sales agency under the brands Ytinifni Pictures, Fenix Pictures, Arzura and Dadavision 3D. They focus primarily on international and US sales, pre-sales, debt and equity financing, product placement, brand integration alongside distribution for over 300 projects ranging from low budget television shows to high-profile motion pictures.

Julien Prudhomme

Writer & Director – Hong Kong / France

A passionate writer and photographer, Julien has worked as a producer for numerous French film & TV productions before love brought him to Hong Kong.

There he wrote and directed TV commercials for luxury Chinese Hong Kong companies.

Julien also writes TV series for France’s Canal+ as well as various genre movies (history, film noir…) and he is Mar Vivo Films’ Chief Creative Writer.

Gary Choi

Producer – China / Hong Kong

Originally from Canton, ​Gary started producing videos in secondary school​ ​for the campus TV, ​and won several awards in film and television competition​s. Subsequently​, he​ ​attended the​ movie production programme of ​the Hong Kong Baptist University, gaining a large amount of film knowledge.

After graduation, ​Gary ​joined Mar​ ​​Vivo Films, ​working as cameraman, editor and producer on multiple ​productions, including ​Hong Kong’s award-wining movie “The Love Stairs”​ (2014)​ and ​US documentary “The Road to Yulin” (2017), who premiered at Los Angeles Film Festival.

Sun Yue Ling

Producer / Cameraman – China

Born and raised in Shanghai, Sun Yueling is a documentary filmmaker who works for local TV channels all across China, such as CCTV, Hunan TV… as well as helping foreign film & TV crews shooting in China.

His extensive knowledge of the country’s ways of production makes him a huge asset to Mar Vivo Films in China.

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